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Tell me, and I’ll forget.

Show me, and I may not remember.

Involve me, and I’ll understand. 

Native American Saying 1

FieldTripFactory.Org believes in the power of experiential learning for all ages and with minimal, if any, economic restraints. Were you fortunate enough to take a field trip when you were young? Field trips help provide a sense of connection to the real world. Such experiences also offer a chance to cultivate a greater appreciation for others and for services in our communities. As leaders in experiential education, we work hard as a nonprofit organization to help bring experiences and lessons to life for students of all ages. All our verified programs* are grade/age appropriate and align with national, state/provincial, and local learning standards. Pedagogical data clearly shows that when students are engaged in hands-on learning, their retention and demonstration of learning concepts surge – especially when combined with contextual presentations. Field trips are not just a day outside the classroom. Field Trip experiences present the opportunity to interact and socialize with different people, new concepts, and open connections that can have true impact for participants and hosts alike. Field Trips turn the real world into our classroom. Let’s go! FieldTripFactory.Org has been helping organizations connect with the communities they serve for over 30 years.


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*Not all field trips identified in FTF’s aggregate field trip search engine are verified and are marked as such

1 1993, The Harper Book of Quotations, Third Edition, Edited by Robert I. Fitzhenry, Topic: Education, Quote Page 135, Harper Perennial: A Division of HarperCollins, New York

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